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ahatmaWine is a small yet vital enterprise, established in Corvara, Alto Adige, and developed thanks to the passsion for wine of its founders. MahatmaWine specialises in the search, selection, and sale of great wines from various parts of the world. Our stock in warehouse is composed of the grat wines of Piedmont and Tuscany, Borgogna, Bordeaux and  Champagne. Space is also found for the excellent wines from small producers in all regions of Italy, all lovingly cared for in the Manhatman winecellars. MahatmaWine started life as a wholesale wine trader for importers and companies in general but over the years the range of action has been extended to include private collectors, restaurants, yacht suppliers, enotecs, and wine merchants themselves. We strive to gurantee the client a competent ongoing service from the moment of placing the order right through to delivery. As a team it is important that we are flexible in our approach and experience over the years has unified the team in the interests of excellent customer service.

what does the name Mahatma Wine mean?

he word mahatma is made up of two parts: "Mah" and "Atma". This word Maha means great and can be seen in such Hindi and Sanskrit terms as mahant and maharishi meaning great sages. The term Mahatma was found in Buddhism but it now extensively used in Hinduism. The term "Atma" means self or soul. In Hindi and Sanskrit this term is used extensively as atma-jnana meaning knowing or knowledge of the self and atma-svarup which is the essential nature of the self. Atma is the true self, as opposed to one's body, individuality and personality. On combining these words, the word mahatma means Great Soul. This title is given to people who are highly developed in spiritual sense. Like Mahatma Gandi and Mahatma Gautam Budh. We have given it to the Wine. Mahatma Wine = The Great Soul Wine!

head office

The main office is situated in Strada Col Alt 105 in Corvara in Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites.
Actually the office is in Hotel la Perla and it is from this location that we handle all matters to do with purchasing, sales, and client relations.



main warehouse in Bovolone - Verona

Our warehouse is in Viale del Lavoro 57 in Bovolone (Verona) at STI Enologistica, and it is from here that with the help of our collaborators we handle stock arrivals and distribution of orders. All movement of wine takes place in a temperature controlled area , also scrupiously dehumified according to the season and so as to avoid changes in temperature which might impair the wine quality. In this regard the walls are of the latest geenration of nonconducting material and erected in ‘sandwich’ style so as to remove the risk of temperature drops or rises which would adversely affect the wines:

warehouse in Corvara - Bolzano
Some of the bottles found in our list come direct from our MahatmaWine cellar  situaed in Hotel la Perla in Corvara, and which has the distinction of housing the largest collection of Sassicaia worldwide. This location has played an important role in our development for once all our wines were sent directly from here. The winecellar first came to life as a small private collection to satisfy the passion for wine of Ernesto Costa, a passion which he passed down to his sons (and in particular to Michil who became equally fascinated):

buy what you see

On arrival to us the bottles are carefully inspected in all their aspects (colour, level, label, cork). On this basis they are divided and given a number of rotation and are immediately photographed in high definition. This procedure enables us to include the rotation number on the winelist and accompanied by a link which can take the client directly to the photo of the bottle he or she is interested in buying, and subsequent to a purchase they have the opportunity to verify the authenticity and integrity of their bottle. See an example of a rotation number.


receive as you you see

When preparing orders we use two types of carton. One is a neutron white carton for 6 bottles; the other  is for single choice bottles and not on palets and is a secure box for either 3 or 6 bottles and it is tested against breakage through droppage, even from considerable heights. This choice, apart from providing a quality safety guarantee, has been made respecting environmental considerations in that the carton used is 100% recyclable. Once on the palet the shipment is photographed in high definition both prior to and after wrapping with cellophane and at the time that shipment is made a link will be sent to the client containing all the photos of the shipment preparation stage and in this way one can check that on arrival the shipment is intact and as it departed from our warehouses. See an example of the pictures of a shipment.

secure your shipment

In an increasingly number of instances wines are being shipped to other parts of the world and as such are subject to long journeys and at times for either logistic or bureaucratic reasons the wines are at a standstill, and given the often high value of the contents are without adequate security. In some instances the cellophane could be lacerated and someone could help themselves to a bottle of your wine and enjoy it at your cost. To overcome this risk we are able to offer you shipmet in compensated wood boxes which will keep your wine safe no matter where its destination in the world is to be. See an example how we pack these shipments and how you recieve the pictures.

insure your shipment

We are able to offer a comprehensive all risks insurance at 0,25% of goods’ value, minimum charge is Euro 25,00

request wine list and offers

We kindly invite you to  subscribe to our system and whereby you will receive our wine list and periodic updates highlighting special offers.




co founder & purchases

Merch is the person who first thought up to create MahatmaWine. He remains the contact point for the actions of the rest of the team.


sales & purchases

After a first spell working on logistic management and preparation of orders Francesco is now responsible for the sales and client relations.



Lucia manages logistics in both arrival and departure for MahatmaWine, and she also takes care of the issuing of the hole paperwork.



Antonio is responsible for the management of shipments and transport aspects. Furthermore he takes care of the condition reports of the bottles – all precious and expensive items which he needs to handle with the utmost care.

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